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Postpartum Depression Art

Yesterday I was asked if I would like to participate in a travelling art exhibit that would depict how Post Partum depression, anxiety and psychosis affected me. Immediately I was in love with the idea, if any anyone knows me they know I love to craft and anything art related.

Last night I sat on the couch brainstorming how I would depict my Post Partum depression and anxiety onto a canvas. I jotted down ideas in a notebook before I decided to call it a night. This morning I awoke and remembered that I had something buried in my daughters closet. It was a painting that I had done while suffering from postpartum depression and amplified PTSD. I maneuvered the canvas out of the crowded closet and laid it on my daughters bed.

A flood of memories and emotions came back to me like a dam had just been broken. I stared at the canvas a little longer in silence. Not many think of the possibilty of postpartum depression (PPD) after miscarriage. Immediately after my first miscarriage I identifie…

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