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Forgiveness is often pushed on survivors of trauma as part of the healing process. Forgiveness can work for many and I would never discount the healing properties for some individuals but I have come to realize the concept of forgiving my attacker is not for me.

DISCLAIMER:Below is my personal story about forgiveness and is not written to undermine anyone else's healing process or recommend that anyone should/have to, take the same path as me. TRIGGER WARNING: details of rape and difficulty healing emtionally from trauma
Years after my attack I still struggled with the guilt from the assault. I had been conditioned to believe that maybe my clothes, my hair, my location, my abilty to protect myself etc played  a part in the event that changed my life. Almost a year ago I got back into counseling to try to reduce the symptoms of my PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from rape. Going back to counseling was something I dreaded even though I knew the good it could do, it always ma…

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